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Dental surgeries in Budapest and Mosonmagyaróvár

The dental surgery Budadent has been operating since 1992. Our expanding clientele is now served in two newly built dental offices in the green belts of Budapest and Mosonmagyaróvár (in West Hungary). Our friendly offices are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment meeting the latest European standards so that you get the highest-quality services.


Cosmetic dentistry 

Tooth replacement with a zirconium-oxide frame »

Perfect-looking and long-lasting tooth replacements
that can also be used in case the patient is allergic to metals.

Zirconium tooth replacements from EUR 360


Dental implantation

dental implantation processThe implantation process »

It may take as little as a few minutes, and it’s painless.

Fixing a removable denture with dental implants »

A more convenient and safer solution.

fixing removable denture with dental implants

Bone grafting, sinuslift »

When bone quantity or quality is insufficient.


Dental implants from EUR 490


Special dentistry and implantology offer »

special offer - dentistry and implantology


Receive dentistry or implantology treatment for
more than EUR 10,000 and enjoy a weekend’s stay
in the three- or four-star wellness hotel
of your choice in Hungary
with your partner, free of charge.



Painless tooth implantation »

dental implantationDental implants have become wide-spread in the past 45 years. During that time, both the implants themselves and the related tools and procedures have progressed much.

A totally denture meeting the highest functional and aesthetic requirements is now available to everybody. Tooth implantation is possible from the time when the patient’s jaws stop growing (age 14-18), and its risks are minimal. Implantation also offers a solution when conventional methods to replace a lost tooth fail.

Advantages of tooth implantation:

  • it can be performed immediately after tooth extraction;
  • no need to damage (chisel) healthy teeth next to the empty socket;
  • the „new” tooth, covered with a temporary crown, can be used as early as a few hours after its implantation;
  • implants can also be used to affix removable dentures (more convenient and hassle-free);
  • implanted tooth roots may last 30-40 years;
  • implants are made of unalloyed titanium, which causes no allergic reaction at all;
  • the operation is entirely painless and may be completed in just a few minutes.

Zirconium tooth replacements »

zirconiumA tooth replacement with a zirconium-oxide frame has the advantage of not containing metals, so light propagates in and around the replaced tooth almost in the same manner as in the case of natural teeth. Another major advantage is that zirconium causes no allergic reaction even if the patient has an extreme degree of metal allergy.


Metal allergy in dentistry »

dentistry - metal allergyArtificial teeth often contain metals. If the patient is allergic to certain metals, the implant material is of extreme importance. Allergy to nickel and beryllium is the most frequent, but some persons are allergic to gold. There are various solutions to such problems, from choosing the right alloys to 100% metal-free porcelain, zirconium-oxide or unalloyed titanium implants.


Dental implant

Who can get implants?
Risks of implantation
Preparing for implantation
Steps of implantation
After implantation
Fixing removable dentures with implants
About dental implants
Bone grafting, sinuslift

Cosmetic dentistry

Zirconium tooth replacement
Metal-ceramic tooth replacement
Tooth whitening
Tartar removal

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Dentistry and implantology treatment in Hungary

Prices of dental implants

Implant - Alpha Bio 445 €
Abutment - Alpha Bio 155 €
Implant - Nobel Biocare Replace 570 €
Abutment - Nobel Biocare Replace 220 €
Implant - Ankylos 570 €
Abutment - Anyklos 220 €
Implant - Straumann 770 €
Abutment - Straumann 220 €
Implant - Straumann SLAktiv 770 €
Abutment - Straumann SLAktiv 220 €

Budadent Dentistry

Budadent Dentistry Hungary - dr.Gabor Barthos

Dr. Gabor Barthos
dental surgeon, implantologist

dental office

Zenta utca 1. Map »

Consulting hours:

14:00 – 19:00 Thursday


dental office

Kossuth Lajos u. 146 Map »

Consulting hours:

09.00 – 19.00 Tuesday, Wednesday